• Tradition, Diversity, Excellence

    75% of the colleges and universities welcoming a new Argonaut this fall are ranked in the top 100 schools in the nation by US News & World Report.

  • Embrace intellectual curiosity & creativity

    One shared campus allows Kindergarten students to “fish for sight words” with 4th graders, who in turn play language bingo with AP Spanish students.

  • Discover and pursue your passions

    From writing and publishing young adult fiction novels to performing one-act plays reflective of 7th grade concerns, our students turn expressions of self into works of art.

  • We inspire students

    RPS Middle Schoolers create history themed amusement parks, code mobile apps, launch self-designed rockets, and, every single day, have music class.

  • Lead with confidence

    Christian Klipstein ’15. NJ Goalie of the Year. All-American.
    Next year he will be one of 38 RPS alumni representing their schools in intercollegiate athletics.

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To view photo galleries from end of the year events, please click on the appropriate link: Lower School Closing, Middle School Closing, Commencement 2015.

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Yay for returning student visitors! Great to see Ernesto Renda '13 & Kelsey Podraza '13 here on campus today. Sorry no pic; they were fast!

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15-6 RPS LiteracyCamp-1

Literacy Camp

One of the true strengths of the Rutgers Prep experience is the interconnected nature of our community; the cross-divisional activities our faculty routinely plan for our students provide them with some extraordinary opportunities for both growth and reflection. Last month, our fourth grade students were the delighted recipients of a visit by our AP Spanish students, who helped as they engaged in several rousing rounds of Spanish-language Bingo. Last week, it was the fourth graders who had an opportunity to step into the leadership role, as they paired up with their kindergarten buddies for a new activity called “Literacy Camp.”...read more 

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