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School Directory 2016-2017


Name Position Phone
Joe Chodl, Ed.D.Joe Chodl, Ed.D. Upper School Principal 732.545.5600 ext:203
Eireann Corrigan '95, B.A., M.F.A.Eireann Corrigan '95, B.A., M.F.A. Assistant Upper School Principal 732.545.5600 ext:242
Graig Domanksi, B.S., M.A.Graig Domanksi, B.S., M.A. Dean of Academics 732.545.5600 ext:425
Nandini Dutta, B.A., M.A.Nandini Dutta, B.A., M.A. Dean of Faculty 732.545.5600 ext:258
Steven Loy, B.A., M.A., Ed.DSteven Loy, B.A., M.A., Ed.D Headmaster 732.545.5600 ext:228
Heather Masterpol, B.S.Heather Masterpol, B.S. Dean of Faculty & Middle School Science Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:552
Robert Marotto, B.A., M.A.Robert Marotto, B.A., M.A. Middle School Principal 732.545.5600 ext:274
Stacy McMillen, B.A.Stacy McMillen, B.A. Middle School Assistant Principal 732.545.5600 ext:204
Peter Richardson, B.A., M.B.A.Peter Richardson, B.A., M.B.A. Director of Campus Operations and Information Systems 732.545.5600 ext:238
Kathleen Rusyn, B.A.Kathleen Rusyn, B.A. Lower School Principal 732.545.5600 ext:230


Name Position Phone
Audrey ForteAudrey Forte Admission Office Assistant
Diane Glace, B.A.Diane Glace, B.A. Director of Admission, PreK- Grade 6 732.545.5600 ext:241
Tara Klipstein '81, B.A., M.Ed.Tara Klipstein '81, B.A., M.Ed. Director of Admission, Grade 7 - Grade 12 and International Admission 732.545.5600 ext:279
Patria Leroy Sullivan, B.A., M.Ed.Patria Leroy Sullivan, B.A., M.Ed. Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid; Dean of International Students 732.545.5600 ext:270


Name Position Phone
Susan Gantz, B.A., M.B.A.Susan Gantz, B.A., M.B.A. Director of Advancement 732.545.5600 ext:222
Terry Ladd, B.A.Terry Ladd, B.A. Director of Marketing and Communications 732.545.5600 ext:245
Sigrid McMahon, B.S.Sigrid McMahon, B.S. Advancement Assistant 732.545.5600 ext:214
Gary Neiditch, B.S.Gary Neiditch, B.S. Webmaster 732.545.5600 ext:216
JJ Quenault, B.A.JJ Quenault, B.A. Director of Publications, School Photographer 732.545.5600 ext:212
Genevieve Strycharz, B.A.Genevieve Strycharz, B.A. Director of Alumni Relations 732.545.5600 ext:213
Michelle Walker, B.B.A.Michelle Walker, B.B.A. Assistant Director of Advancement 732.545.5600 ext:306


Name Position Phone
Mary Klinger, B.S.Mary Klinger, B.S. Director of Athletics 732.545.5600 ext:215
Susan Paterson, B.S. Director of Athletic Training
Laurence Santowasso '91, B.A.Laurence Santowasso '91, B.A. Assistant Athletic Director 732.545.5600 ext:233
Tim Seminerio, B.S.Tim Seminerio, B.S. Athletic Trainer 732.545.5600 ext:275

Business Office

Name Position Phone
Barbara HeathBarbara Heath Director of Human Resources 732.545.5600 ext:243
Kelly Morales, B.S.Kelly Morales, B.S. Business Office Associate 732.545.5600 ext:254
Todd Rutman, B.S.Todd Rutman, B.S. Director of Finance 732.545.5600 ext:255
Stewart WhellerStewart Wheller Chief Financial Officer 732.545.5600 ext:207

College Counseling

Name Position Phone
Jill Cooper, Ph.D.Jill Cooper, Ph.D. Associate Director of College Counseling, US Science and History Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:268
Shelley Krause, B.A., M.Ed.    Shelley Krause, B.A., M.Ed. Co-Director of College Counseling: Junior and Senior Seminar 732.545.5600 ext:278
Sherry Riggi, B.A., M.A.Sherry Riggi, B.A., M.A. Co-Director of College Counseling: Junior Seminar & Senior Seminar 732.545.5600 ext:202
David Wise, B.S., M.Ed.David Wise, B.S., M.Ed. Associate Director of College Counseling; Upper School Mathematics 732.545.5600 ext:205

Computer Science

Name Position Phone
Pablito Lake, B.S., M.S.Pablito Lake, B.S., M.S. Upper School Computer Education Chair and Mathematics Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:545


Name Position Phone
Cora Turlish, A.B.Cora Turlish, A.B. Drama Department Chair 732.545.5600 ext:298


Name Position Phone
Theodora Angelos, B.A., M.A.Theodora Angelos, B.A., M.A. Upper School English Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:536
Danielle DiVincent, B.A.Danielle DiVincent, B.A. Middle School English Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:524
Florence Gange, B.A., M.A.Florence Gange, B.A., M.A. Upper School English Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:553
Hannah Garrow, B.A., M.A.Hannah Garrow, B.A., M.A. Upper School English Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:541
John Kendall, B.A., M.A.John Kendall, B.A., M.A. Upper School English Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:545
Tony Mento, B.S.Tony Mento, B.S. Middle and Upper School English, Humanities Department Chair, Director of Learning Support Department 732.545.5600 ext:390
Sara Nicolodi, B.A., M.S.Ed.Sara Nicolodi, B.A., M.S.Ed. Upper School English Teacher, Associate Director of Learning Support 732.545.5600 ext:284

Fine Arts

Name Position Phone
Circe Dunnell, B.F.A., M.A.Circe Dunnell, B.F.A., M.A. Upper School Visual Arts 732.545.5600 ext:526
Derrick Laurion, B.S., M.D.E.S.Derrick Laurion, B.S., M.D.E.S. Upper School Visual Art and Computer Education Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:579
Charles Lid, B.F.A.Charles Lid, B.F.A. Upper School Visual Arts 732.545.5600 ext:549
Olivia Mode-Cater, B.F.A., M.Ed. Dance Teacher
Erin Varga, A.A.S.Erin Varga, A.A.S. Lower School Fine Arts and Computers Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:538
Scot Wittman '86, B.A., B.F.A., M.F.A.  Scot Wittman '86, B.A., B.F.A., M.F.A. Dean of Arts


Name Position Phone
Tim Cohen, B.A., M.A.Tim Cohen, B.A., M.A. Upper School History Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:523
Matt Bloom, B.A. Upper School English and History Teacher
Arika Easley-Houser, Ph.D.Arika Easley-Houser, Ph.D. Upper School History 732.545.5600 ext:584
Ryan KlipsteinRyan Klipstein Upper School History Teacher
Robert Kuchar, B.A.Robert Kuchar, B.A. Upper School History Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:568
Geoff Loose, B.A., M.A.Geoff Loose, B.A., M.A. Upper School History Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:550
Domenica Milo, B.A., M.A.T.Domenica Milo, B.A., M.A.T. Middle School History Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:561
Stephen Mitchell, B.A.Stephen Mitchell, B.A. Middle School History Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:539

Innovation Center

Name Position Phone
Mythili Lahiri, B.A., M.I.A.Mythili Lahiri, B.A., M.I.A. Director of Global Education Programs; Associate Director of the Innovation Center 732.545.5600 ext:391
Kevin Merges Ed.D.Kevin Merges Ed.D. Executive Director of Global Education Programs; Director of The Innovation Center 732.668.6715


Name Position Phone
Alicia Conroy, B.A., M.L.I.S.Alicia Conroy, B.A., M.L.I.S. Librarian 732.545.5600 ext:583
Paula D'Introno, B.A., M.L.I.S.Paula D'Introno, B.A., M.L.I.S. Director of Library Services 732.545.5600 ext:277
Sandra Kalista, B.A.Sandra Kalista, B.A. Library Assistant, Director of Testing 732.545.5600 ext:246
Christine Kazal, B.A.Christine Kazal, B.A. Library Assistant 732.545.5600 ext:293

Lower School

Name Position Phone
Leslee Atiram, B.A., M.S.Leslee Atiram, B.A., M.S. STEAM Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:516
Barbara Corbin, B.A., M.T., M.Ed.Barbara Corbin, B.A., M.T., M.Ed. First Grade Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:234
Vanessa GustinVanessa Gustin Lower School Assistant, Gym Care Coordinator 732.545.5600 ext:211
Wendy Jankowski, B.A., M.Ed.Wendy Jankowski, B.A., M.Ed. Kindergarten Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:265
Sandi Klinger, B.F.A., M.A.Sandi Klinger, B.F.A., M.A. LS Literacy & Grade 5 Leadership Team 732.545.5600 ext:292
Kimberly Koziol, B.A., M.A.   Kimberly Koziol, B.A., M.A. Junior Kindergarten Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:266
Amy Merges, B.A.Amy Merges, B.A. Lower School Teacher - Kindergarten 732.545.5600 ext:286
JoAnn Miller, B.A.JoAnn Miller, B.A. 3rd Grade Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:291
Mary Kay Papa, C.D.A., L.P.N.Mary Kay Papa, C.D.A., L.P.N. Lead Teacher of Pre-Kindergarten 732.545.5600 ext:211
Lanetta Putnal, B.B.A.Lanetta Putnal, B.B.A. Junior Kindergarten Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:266
Denise Quenault, B.A.Denise Quenault, B.A. LS After School Program Director 732.545.5600 ext:289
Colleen Vinchur, B.A.Colleen Vinchur, B.A. 5th Grade Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:285
Samantha Withum, B.A.Samantha Withum, B.A. 2nd Grade Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:290


Name Position Phone
Joseph Laureti, B.S.Joseph Laureti, B.S. Upper School Math Teacher
Jackie Lemme, B.S.Jackie Lemme, B.S. Upper School Math Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:542
Anne McNamara B.A., M.A.Anne McNamara B.A., M.A. Middle School Math Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:556
Brian Muller, B.A.             Brian Muller, B.A. Upper School Math Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:571
Scott Neal, B.A., M.S.Scott Neal, B.A., M.S. Upper School Math Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:562
Claudia Schwartz, B.A., M.S.Claudia Schwartz, B.A., M.S. Upper School Math Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:575
Amanda Sheehan, B.S. Upper School Math Teacher
Vivian Tsai, B.A., M.Ed. Middle School Math Teacher


Name Position Phone
Colin Britt, BMus, MM, DMA Choir Teacher
Anna Espinoza, B.M. Lower School Music Teacher
Lisa Peterson, B.A., M.A.Lisa Peterson, B.A., M.A. Director of Bands 732.545.5600 ext:564
Lyssandra Stephenson, B.M., M.M.Lyssandra Stephenson, B.M., M.M. String Orchestras Teacher and Director of the Independent Music Teachers Program, Music Department Chair 732.545.5600 ext:582


Name Position Phone
Maria Bowers, RN, BSNMaria Bowers, RN, BSN Nurse
Maureen Olsen, RNMaureen Olsen, RN Nurse 732.545.5600 ext:224

Physical Education

Name Position Phone
Alyssa Applebaum ’99, B.S.Alyssa Applebaum ’99, B.S. Physical Education Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:210
Kacy Epps '09, B.A.Kacy Epps '09, B.A. Physical Education Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:354
Christy Giamella, B.A.Christy Giamella, B.A. Physical Education Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:356
Mike Lamb, B.S.Mike Lamb, B.S. Physical Education Department Chair 732.545.5600 ext:209
Mark Tyree, B.S.Mark Tyree, B.S. Physical Education Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:271


Name Position Phone
Ralph Avella, B.S.Ralph Avella, B.S. Upper School Science Department Chair 732.545.5600 ext:513
Nishita Desai, B.A.Nishita Desai, B.A. Upper School Science Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:581
Allan Furtek, Ph.D.Allan Furtek, Ph.D. Upper School Science Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:532
Carole Glantzow Zboray, B.S.Carole Glantzow Zboray, B.S. Middle School Science Department Chair 732.545.5600 ext:220
Jacque Lamb, B.A., M.S.Jacque Lamb, B.A., M.S. Upper School Science Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:328
Chris Merryman, B.A., Ed.M.Chris Merryman, B.A., Ed.M. Upper School Math and Science Teacher
Valerie Pierce, Ph.D.Valerie Pierce, Ph.D. Upper School Science Teacher
Joan Zanfardino, B.S., M.H.A.Joan Zanfardino, B.S., M.H.A. Upper School Science Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:534

Student Counseling

Name Position Phone
Scott Gill, B.A., M.S.W., L.C.S.W.Scott Gill, B.A., M.S.W., L.C.S.W. Director of Student Counseling Services, Health Department Chair 732.545.5600 ext:239
Wendy Winograd, B.A., M.A., M.S.W.Wendy Winograd, B.A., M.A., M.S.W. Lower School Counselor 732.545.5600 ext:252
Leichena Young, B.S.W., M.S.W., L.C.S.W.Leichena Young, B.S.W., M.S.W., L.C.S.W. School Counselor 732.545.5600 ext:318


Name Position Phone
Michael Nardulli, B.F.A.Michael Nardulli, B.F.A. Systems Administrator
Mark Nastus '94, B.A.Mark Nastus '94, B.A. Director of Academic Technology; Videographer 732.545.5600 ext:244
Omar Simpson, B.A. Technician

World Language

Name Position Phone
Jennifer Bautista Burk, B.A.Jennifer Bautista Burk, B.A. Upper School Spanish Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:570
Manuela Curutchet '10Manuela Curutchet '10 Upper School Teacher
Britten Dixon, B.A., M.A.Britten Dixon, B.A., M.A. Arabic and Spanish Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:548
Raneen Elbakry, M.A. US Foreign Language Teacher
Keiko Ishida, B.F.A.Keiko Ishida, B.F.A. Japanese Teacher
Christina Kratzman, B.A., M.A. Upper School Spanish​ Teacher
Sarah Krasnow, B.A., M.A., M.F.A.Sarah Krasnow, B.A., M.A., M.F.A. Upper School Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:518
Bill SchillerBill Schiller Upper School Latin Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:528
Mariana Stevenson, B.A.Mariana Stevenson, B.A. Middle School Teacher; Director of the Middle School After School Program 732.545.5600 ext:573
Vivian Turk, A.A.Vivian Turk, A.A. Lower and Middle School Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:563

American College Bridge Program

Name Position Phone
Michelle Carlisle-Fink, B.S.Michelle Carlisle-Fink, B.S. American College Bridge Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:519
Debra Fehl ’84, B.A.Debra Fehl ’84, B.A. American College Bridge Teacher 732.545.5600 ext:546