Virtual Reality Comes to RPS!

Virtual Reality Comes to RPS!

htc vive“Have you climbed Everest yet?”  You might be surprised by how often staff members have asked this question over the past few weeks. While we are not forming a new mountaineering club on campus, we recently discovered a new way for students and faculty to pursue adventure—through the virtual reality station in our newly revamped Tech Lounge.

Guided by our technical services department, Mark Nastus, Omar Simpson, and Mike Nardulli, community members have courageously donned state-of-the-art goggles and experienced the wonder of standing on the summit of Earth’s highest mountain. The virtual reality station is a vital corner in the Tech Lounge— a space designed to give students the opportunity to survey computer science in an exciting and self-directed way.

Mike, Omar, and Mark (otherwise known as M.O.M.) take their roles as Sherpas seriously, allowing students to scale new heights in their exploration of technology. Director Mark Nastus says, “We want students to feel comfortable trying out new tools in the tech lounge, because we believe that will inspire students to take a leading role in their futures.” In the next two months, every upper school student will have a chance to try out our virtual reality station. Our 3D Printing Club is planning a demonstration for our upcoming Club Fair. In the mean time, students can always reach our technical services department by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., stopping by the Tech Lounge, or visiting Mr. Nastus’ office.



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