Events & Reminders

Events & Reminders

  • Tues, Sept. 26
    The Admissions Game Dining Commons      
    7:00 pm
    for juniors and their parents

    Thurs, Oct 5
    Senior Parent Panel Choir Room      
    7:00 pm

    Wed, Oct 11
    Lower Gym & ADR
    8:00 am

    Thurs, Oct 12
    Financial Aid Night
    Choir Room 
    7:00 pm

    Wed. Oct. 25
    “Getting from where you are to where you want to be"
     Dining Commons      
    7:00 pm

    Wed. Feb 7
    College Kick-Off
    Dining Commons
    7:00 pm

    Wed. Feb 28
    Lower Gym
    8:00 am

    Wed, March 7
    The Road Map: from interests to college
    9th grade parents and students
    Dining Commons

    Wed, April 4
    Athletic College Night
    Music-Choir Room
    7:00 pm

    Thurs, April 12
    Lower Gym
    8:00 am

  • Class of 2016 College Application Activation Deadlines

    ACTIVATION is the term we use at RPS for the process by which students formally inform the College Counseling Team that you have completed and submitted your part of an application (or applications), so that we can start working on sending the transcript, teacher recommendations, and school letter of support. Your part comes first, and should be reviewed by your point person in College Counseling before you hit “submit”!

    Please use the following guidelines for activation deadlines as they relate to college application deadlines:

    College application deadline: Oct. 15
    Activation deadline: Oct. 1

    College application deadline: Nov. 1
    Activation deadline: Oct. 15

    College application deadline: Nov. 15
    Activation deadline: Nov. 2

    College application deadline: Dec. 1
    Activation deadline: Nov. 17

    College application deadline: Dec. 15
    Activation deadline: Dec. 1

    If the deadline is any day in January, it must be activated by Dec. 1

    EARLIER IS BETTER. If you can complete and activate an application before the required deadline, do so! Submitting your materials early gives your teachers more time to polish their recommendations, and also gives the counseling staff more time to review your work for errors and finish their letter of recommendation. Submitting materials early also helps give college admissions officers with the impression that you are focused and “on the ball.”

    TESTING IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. RPS does NOT report standardized test scores to colleges/ universities. Colleges will only accept scores that come directly from the testing agencies, so please make sure to send your scores via the College Board and/or ACT.

    ALSO, PLEASE NOTE: We strongly recommend that EVERY student apply to at least one school that offers an “early action” admissions option or releases its application decisions on a “rolling” basis. There are many schools that will fulfill this requirement… students, please see your counselor if you need some help brainstorming!

    ALL OTHER APPLICATIONS are due into the Upper School Office by 1-11-2016.
    (January 11, 2015 is the last day the Upper School Office will accept application activations, regardless of college deadlines.)