General Guidelines

Service Guidelines

 Basic requirements for Community Service in the Upper School (grades 9-12):


  • Each student must perform a minimum of 10 hours Community Service per academic year; this is a curricular requirement in order to move onto the next grade or to graduate; we also recognize Honors Level in Community Service for those students who complete 50 or more hours per academic year


  • To encourage students to engage a wider world than the school community, we require that at least five hours of a student's service experience come from off-campus/“outide RPS” activities (NOTE: there is NO on-campus/“inside RPS” service requirement)


  • We ask students to fill out a Community Service form (a paper copy or in some cases a digital form) for each service activity they participate in; this accomplishes two goals: we can verify that students are performing service (since supervisors must sign the form or approve it digitally), and students have an opportunity for some reflection on the activity when they write about it on the back of the form


  • Activities that can fulfill our Community Service requirement must be: volunteer work (no pay involved), sponsored by a non-profit organization, supervised by an adult, serving an identifiable community in need, one whose resources are already stretched, and/or one to which the student already belongs (local govts., churches or temples, etc.)


  • Although we offer several on-campus service activities that directly benefit the RPS community (e.g., tutoring younger students, after-school childcare, etc.), we also offer transportation to and supervision of many off-campus service activities (e.g., Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, Sandy Hook Beach Sweep, etc.)


  • Students can exercise leadership in this area through the Community Service Board, which organizes events, publicizes opportunities, and encourages service in general