Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade

As the oldest members of our Lower School, our Fifth Graders share school-wide responsibilities, support and develop community service projects and awareness, strive for academic excellence, and above all, serve as leaders for our Lower School.

An off-campus Leadership Retreat takes place in early September, providing opportunities for classmates to develop better teamwork skills and leadership training for their role upon completion of the retreat.  Additionally, a Leadership Class will be part of the weekly curriculum.

The Fifth Grade teaching team works collaboratively to provide differentiated instruction in all academics.  Mathematic instruction is an on-going progression toward mathematical competence and confidence.  Language Arts includes the reading of several novels, Writer’s Workshop, and the Sitton Spelling program.   Students study historical and geographical concepts through ancient societies that include Egypt, China, Greece, India and Rome.  Project work in Art and Music coincide with topics being studied in the classroom.

The Science curriculum incorporated biology, chemistry, ecology, and earth science.  The class offers students a chance to investigate a variety of topics while learning about scientific methods and scientific thought.  Additionally, a STEAM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math) class will be offered twice a week, giving students the opportunity to learn through hands-on project based work.

Foreign Language is a part of the core curriculum in the fifth grade.  All students take Spanish, and one trimester of Latin, (taught by their upcoming Middle School Principal).  Aspects of culture and civilization are presented in both the modern and classical languages.

All students in the Fifth Grade participate in a daily performance elective, choosing from Band, Choir, or Orchestra.  Choir is designed to give students an experience performing within a musical ensemble in which the instrument is the human voice.  Students in Band and Orchestra learn to play ensemble music that entails phrasing, balance, intonation, different musical styles, and articulation.  Beginners are welcome in Band, but students must have completed at least two years of lessons to be in Orchestra.  Performances will be given throughout the school year to parents and students.

Fifth Grade Faculty


Colleen Vinchur