Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade offers a coordinated and integrated course of study. Students work on organizational skills and effective time management. Fourth graders have Kindergarten Buddies, serve on the Safety Team, and are responsible for a number of jobs that serve the Lower School.

Technology is integrated throughout the fourth grade curriculum. Children use laptops and iPads daily in all subject areas. Additionally, a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) class and an IDEAS/Computer Class meet weekly. Technology at this level engages students in exploration, research and creative problem solving.

Academic classes include Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. Often, cross-curricular topics 'connect' with each other to provide more meaningful methods for learning. An example would be the Fourth Graders' Ethnic Pride area of study. Students read books from different countries, create graphs with data obtained through research, write both creative and biographical stories related to family ancestry, perform plays, and sing songs and dances to music from various countries. The completion of this unit is celebrated with an Ethnic Pride Festival, a special day for the students and their guests.

Fourth Graders have daily classes in Musical Performance (Band, Orchestra or Choir), Spanish, and Physical Education. Additionally, Spanish meets three times each week, and Guidance, Library and Art meet weekly.

Fourth Grade Faculty

Sam Withum