Junior Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten

The Junior Kindergarten program at R.P.S. is an exciting one! Each week, our young students are presented with a theme and a letter of the week. A full range of activities and instruction are based around them. The curriculum for the first part of the year is designed around the seasons and the holidays, integrating that which is familiar to the child with that which is new. The second part of the year focuses on new concepts and more abstract thinking. Math and reading readiness activities, such as working with manipulatives, flannel board stories, cooking and other projects stimulate curiosity.

While learning centers are offered to challenge all different skill levels, the children are required to complete a daily project that encourages listening and organizational skills. The students attend daily specials outside of the classroom as well. We are proud to be staffed with professional teachers of music, art and physical education. In Junior Kindergarten, the students attend gym five days per week, spanish one day per week and art one day per week. Weekly classes in library and guidance are also offered. Computers are offered as a learning center in the classroom.

Junior Kindergarten Faculty

Debbie Fehl

Lanetta Putnal