The Kindergarten program at Rutgers Preparatory School provides our students with many opportunities to receive individualized attention. We strive to build independence, respect for others, and work to develop a sense of responsibility within each child. Our small pupil-teacher ratio enables us to make this possible. Our curriculum is a thematic one. For example our butterfly unit affords the children experiences not only in science but also activities in art, math, writing, and literature. There are always ongoing discussions in the classroom where children and teachers learn from each other.

Language Arts
Our language arts program is a comprehensive one, combining phonics and whole language. It incorporates a phonetic approach to beginning reading, listening skills, fine motor development, and cooperative learning games. Ample opportunities exist for expressing creativity- orally, in written form, and at the computer. Kindergartners enjoy working in their letter books over the course of the year.

Our mathematics program involves whole and small group experiences as well as activities that allow for individual expression. Children use concrete objects as they count, sort, pattern, graph, estimate and discover relationships. Each classroom has several computers. Our 100th Day of School party is the culmination of counting, calendar and place value activities.

Science and Social Studies
Social studies and science themes are integrated throughout the program. The children are frequently involved in cooperative learning situations. They work together to solve problems presented to them by teachers as well as by peers. Students learn to observe physical phenomena, to test their observations, to “discover” basic concepts and to explore their surroundings. Many activities reflect a multicultural theme. While students focus upon topics including the environment, seasons, their senses, and current events, it is each child’s personal development and respect for others that is most important. In addition, field trips, cooking projects for special events, art projects, music and movement experiences are interwoven as related to specific themes.

Fourth Grade Buddies
A unique experience for our Kindergartners is a special association with the fourth grade. Each Kindergarten child is paired up with a fourth grader. The Kindergarten and Fourth Grade Buddies meet on a regular basis. At these times, they work together to write stories, play games, read books, create seasonal projects, and share interests. A bond of friendship is created that lasts far beyond that Kindergarten year.

Special Subjects
Art - once a week
Music - twice a week
Spanish - once a week
Computer Lab - once a week
Physical Education - four times a week
Library- formal class once a week
Guidance – once a week

Be on the lookout for updates on themes and activities! There’s always something happening in Kindergarten!
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