Middle School, Somerset, NJ, Central New Jersey - Rutgers Preparatory School

Middle School

  • MS learning
    Middle School students in grades 6 through 8 take five core academic courses: study of the Humanities via explorations in English and History, Mathematics, Science, and World Language. Coursework is rigorous and creative; with a focus on skill development and analytical thinking. To enrich daily student learning, academic courses are balanced with Music, Physical Education, and elective courses.

    It is absolutely no surprise that on standardized tests, our 7th graders perform 39% higher in Math, 34% higher in Verbal Reasoning, and 43% higher on Quantitative Reasoning in comparison to the national average.

  • The Rocket Project is a multi-disciplinary activity in which teams work cooperatively to envision their rocket, design a corporation to create a prototype, draw from their scientific skills to maximize flight duration, and engage their math skills to measure distance and velocity. Launch day is exciting and nerve-wracking, as any should be.
  • msdrama2Our 7th grade Drama curriculum has students write one-act plays organized around a theme. Each trimester, a group of 7th graders creates, staffs, and directs their productions for an audience of their peers and their parents. The next year, in 8th grade, Drama students work with the plays of William Shakespeare, learn the bard’s famous lines, and perform a condensed Shakespeare play.

  • Each Spring, 7th and 8th graders have the opportunity to travel internationally with Middle School teachers in a trip that is two-parts learning and one-part fun. Whether London or Costa Rica, our international travel program is designed to immerse our students in another cultural world, to try new experiences and learn something new about themselves.

    In the 2015-2016 school year, we returned to Costa Rica.  Planned adventures took place in the rain forest, an art retreat workshop, and a school in Monteverde.
  • adventure week

    To complement daily Innovation & Ideas learning, in the spring semester the Middle School takes a break from daily classes and devotes time to immersion in a whole new topic.  We call it Adventure Week and students in grades 5-8 have the chance to try their hand at something new.  Teachers develop courses that excite them and share their excitement with their students.   Recent Adventure Week classes include Dissection, Fishing, The Psychology of Superheroes, Baseball Statistics, Photography, and Prep Scouts.  Adventure Week learning is fun, builds student interest in a new topic, and enriches the Middle School experience.

  • ms music

    All Middle School students take music class as part of their core schedule.  Students may choose between Band, Choir, or Orchestra.  Music classes practice songs for both pleasure and performance.  Twice a year, students participate in concerts for parents and family members.

  • ms wrestling

    Daily Middle School Physical Education class offers 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students the opportunity to join athletic teams with their peers, practice their sport, and then compete against other middle schools in the area.  Middle school students are excited to put on their first Rutgers Prep jersey and participate in one of the more than ten team sports available to the students over the three athletic seasons.