Technology @ RPS

Technology @ RPS

At Rutgers Preparatory School, we believe strongly that students can’t prepare for their future using the tools of our past. This is why the RPS Community is dedicated to providing our students and faculty a fully integrated array of digital resources to encourage learning and to enhance teaching. From our campus-wide wireless network to our “smart” classrooms, it is our goal to prepare your child for success in college and beyond.


If we teach today the way we were taught yesterday
we aren't preparing students for today or tomorrow.


Our faculty and students use a state-of-the-art web 2.0 content management system to extend their collaborative learning. Schoology allows faculty and students to communicate digitally beyond the school day and the campus boundaries. Whether it is simply looking up the homework, contributing to a conversation through a forum, or developing a wiki to share with the class, this is a key component of our education for the 21st century.


Effective technology is like oxygen ubiquitous, necessary, and invisible. -- Chris Lehmann


Every classroom at RPS from Kindergarten through the Upper School is equipped with projectors, which allow our faculty to share digital resources with their students.  In addition faculty take great advantage of interactive whiteboards, iPads, and Apple TVs to extend the collaborative classroom.  Whether it is a digital presentation or a collaborative exercise, faculty teaching and student learning are enhanced by this integration of computer, iPad, Internet, and projection technology


For the first time in history, we are preparing students for a future
we cannot clearly describe. -- David Warlick

The Library/Media Center, in addition to maintaining a fully automated catalog of materials, subscribes to numerous electronic resources including EBSCO, a periodical database, ProQuest Newspapers, Facts on File, and Galenet. These broad-based reference tools, among others, are available to the RPS Community anytime and anywhere. In addition, RPS participates in the JerseyCat statewide interlibrary loan system. The Library/Media Center also has audio-visual equipment, including digital video cameras, LCD projectors, and iPods, which can be borrowed by members of the Community


We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build
our youth for the future. -- Franklin D. Roosevelt


As Rutgers Preparatory School continues to provide an education to fit our students’ futures, it shows why it was chosen a Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of education, whose report aptly concluded with these thoughts:

I felt energized by seeing what this fine school is doing for its students…to walk around the grounds or through the buildings to see a school that radiates standards, commitment, and a careful sense of devotion to its students…Rutgers Prep families expressed great interest to me in helping the school attract visitors to see what a splendidly humanistic and academic institution the region has in its midst.