Courses & Curriculum

The curriculum at Rutgers Prep offers students opportunities to take classes ranging from college level to introductory, and from discovery to esoteric.  Over their four years in Upper School, students receive strong foundations in the core academic subjects while at the same time enjoying the flexibility to explore deeply areas of personal interest.  Within the curriculum students find typical classes in the academic subjects and the arts, as well as more unique classes and signature programs that are specific to Rutgers Prep and its mission.

Independent Study is available for particularly motivated students who want to pursue a subject area that is not offered in the formal curriculum.  Working with faculty mentors, students develop and research subjects of intense interest for academic credit.  Recent Independent Study topics have included:  Playwrighting, Organic Chemistry, History and Literature of Ancient Ireland, Restoration and Reconciliation Ecology, and Using Web 2.0 to Aid Schools in Developing Nations.

Rutgers Preparatory School has reviewed the Common Core State Standards and we are confident that as a school we routinely meet, and in most cases, exceed these standards.  For examples of how we compare to standards in English, Literacy and Writing, click here.  For examples in Mathematics, click here.

Our educational program is based on a robust range of curricular opportunities and is supported by small class size, the professional expertise of our faculty, an extensive professional development program, a serious commitment to technology, and academic and social skill sets appropriate for the 21st century.

Upper School Curriculum