Computer Ed.

Computer Education


The world’s dependence on computers is growing at a staggering rate.  The Computer Education department believes that we are preparing students to gain a competitive advantage in the changing and challenging global economy of the 21st Century. “Computational thinking will be a fundamental skill used by everyone in the world by the middle of the 21st Century.”  These words from Carnegie Mellon University help define our departmental philosophy.  We believe that computational thinking is as important a skill for our students as learning to read, write, and do math.


Our mission is to provide an effective teaching environment that develops our student’s computational thinking skills. This is done through an array of foundational courses that provide exploration into a selected set of intellectual themes. Our laboratories and faculty expertise foster student engagement in computational analysis, design, and creativity.

Graduation Requirements

Computer literacy is required of all students graduating from Rutgers Prep.

The Computer Department offers elective courses.  Introduction to Computer Science and AP Computer Science fulfill the math department elective requirement.  Multimedia Design and Computer Design for Print and Web fulfill the requirement for arts electives.

Course Offerings

    • Introduction to Computer Science
    • AP Computer Science
    • Advanced Software Design
    • Multimedia Design
    • Computer Design for Print and Web

Co-curricular Information:

Field Trips

A computer programming team attends the New Jersey Institute of Technology annual programming contest for high school students.  Students get a chance to compete in a problem-solving and computer-programming contest involving over 48 high schools in New Jersey.

The AP computer science students attend the Stevens Institute of Technology Workshop on High School Computer Science. Students get a chance to hear about the various fields in Computer Science. This workshop features well-known professionals in the field from MIT, Carnegie Mellon, The College of New Jersey, Stevens Institute of Technology, and Microsoft.


RPS placed 9th in the NJIT annual programming contest out of 48 schools across New Jersey.

Every year the Computer Education Department awards the top computer science students with two awards - the Dr. Edwin Oertell Scholarship award to a junior and the Computer Prize to a senior at Commencement.

Faculty Professional Development Activities and Achievements

Mr. Lake is the director of our iPhone Apps Creation Summer Camp.  This camp teaches students how to design and implement iOS Apps that run on iPhones and iPads.  It takes students through the creative app-making process from theory to final delivery.  Mr. Lake attended the NJAIS Leadership Institute "Blueprint for Leadership" which develops teachers to become leaders in independent schools.

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