Tuition Information
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2017 2018 Tuition and Fee Schedule revised

Tuition Philosophy                                             

Rutgers Preparatory School seeks to have candid and transparent partnerships with our parents.  We realize that investing in a Rutgers Prep education is a major commitment on the part of any family. At all times we seek to “inspire students to discover and pursue their passions, embrace intellectual curiosity and creativity, and lead with confidence.”  There is a cost to provide this inspiration. 

The annual assessment of tuition is a necessity in order to offer our programs to our students, but tuition income alone is not sufficient to run our programs.   Since income from tuition accounts for less than the cost of operating the School, every effort is made to maximize income from other sources including Educational Partnerships, Summer Programs and Facility Rentals.  Additionally, every effort is made to balance expenses while continuing to offer our extraordinary programs within a culture that is unpretentious.

Why are there increasing tuition levels? 
The cost to provide programs increases from the opening grades of Pre-Kindergarten, Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten as students transition to a more academically focused curriculum in the Lower School, and our tuition philosophy is structured accordingly.  The cost increases when specialized teachers are added to the student’s academic day, and again for grades 8-12 when the college guidance and counseling process begins.

Why do tuitions increase each year? 
Parents can anticipate a modest annual increase based upon the Consumer Price Index plus approximately 2-3% since the School’s expenses grow to cover increases in the cost of repair and replacement, upgrades to facilities and services, curriculum expansion, academic equipment, and faculty professional development.

We do everything possible to offer prudent strategic budgets, looking to find innovative and creative ways to continue to offer a first-class/world class education provided by excellent teachers to a student body of engaged, focused, talented, and determined pupils.

The Rutgers Preparatory School Board of Trustees