Institutional Educational Partnerships

Institutional Educational Partnerships

Rutgers Preparatory School has 250 years of history as an independent school.  We believe our experience can be a valuable tool to assist new schools and educational organizations in their pursuit of a mission.  Rutgers Prep offers its knowledge and understanding in the educational space to support as a strategic cooperation and partnership with international organizations looking to grow in new areas.  The protocols involved focus on supporting nascent educational experiments as they develop into vibrant, viable schools.


Rutgers Preparatory School worked to support the High School Affiliated with Renmin University in Beijing (RDFZ) as they developed their new campus, the Princeton International School for Mathematics and Science (PRISMS).   This multiyear cooperation with a focus on administrative structure of independent, international schools developed a school focused on scientific research as an instructional tool.


Rutgers Preparatory School will be supporting the growth of this new international school in Hangzhou, China.  The goal of this involvement will be support in the formation of a school board, administrative structure, and curricular programs with the hope that this foundation will allow MPIS to acquire a United States based accreditation.


Rutgers Prep consistently evaluates how we can improve the educational experience for students. Our new partnership with Kings Education allows Rutgers Prep to offer a new level of support to international students. Kings Education is an internationally known English language provider in collegiate pathways programs. This new program is another Rutgers Prep FIRST in the American education community.