NJAIS Accreditation
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As the first independent school in New Jersey, RPS is proud to be accredited by the NJAIS!

New Jersey Association For Independent Schools Logo Image - Rutgers Preparatory SchoolNew Jersey Association For Independent Schools Logo ImageAs the first independent school in New Jersey, Rutgers Preparatory School is proud to be accredited by the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools. 
The New Jersey Association of Independent Schools (NJAIS) is a non-profit, voluntary membership association whose mission is to foster the educational, ethical, and professional excellence of its member schools, while safeguarding their independence. 
NJAIS fulfills its mission by:
 • administering a rigorous, standards-based accreditation program that supports continuous school improvement. 

• providing a broad spectrum of professional development opportunities for teachers, administrators, and trustees. 

• advocating for member schools at the local, state, and federal levels. 

• promoting best practices and the value of education in independent schools. 

As Rutgers Preparatory School approaches our 250th anniversary, we are honored to share the major commendations from our most recent accreditation, which resulted in a ten-year term approved in February 2013.

I am pleased to formally announce that Rutgers Prep has successfully been granted a 10 year term of accreditation from NJAIS.

Thank you and congratulations to all of us!

Our school successfully met every one of the almost 70 standards, and our commendations include: 

1. Creating a learning community and enviable culture of mutual respect and affection where our students celebrate their differences and view their differences as a welcome source of profound enrichment. More than just a friendly independent school community, Rutgers Preparatory School students are fundamentally kind to each other and, moreover, perceive each other as sources of instruction and inspiration regardless of their backgrounds and perspectives.

2. Dedicated and devoted trustees, administrators, faculty (including proud past faculty), and staff who demonstrate a keen sense of loyalty to their genuine and unpretentious school community.  Inspirational educators for more reasons than seniority, Rutgers Preparatory School administrators, faculty and staff demonstrate that same sense of loyalty to their own students by forging authentic relationships with them and by modeling and nourishing a sense of family for them. It is within this supportive family that their students are safe and empowered to learn, take risks, and achieve their potential.  

3. Focusing on the aspirations and needs of individual students and developing their unique talents by offering a broad educational experience that, for even the most able students, is difficult to outgrow.  Aspiring to educate the “whole person,” Rutgers Preparatory School intentionally commits itself to the intellectual growth of its students and to their creative, physical, social, and moral growth.  This commitment manifests itself in many specific and laudable offerings within its curricular and also co-curricular programs, and in the passion and consistency with which its faculty and staff carry out their ideals.

4. Exercising the fiscal responsibility that enabled a major expansion of facilities while, concurrently, growing the School’s endowment. Rutgers Preparatory School has a history of prudent financial management that has enabled the School to expand its operations and physical plant while providing a solid financial base for current and future operations. 

A copy of the full Accreditation Report is in my office and in Karen Hall’s office.

Feel free to stop by and review the document at your convenience.

Steven Loy