Business & Entrepreneurship

RPS Business and Entrepreneurship Program

Entrepreneur-2The RPS Business & Entrepreneurship Program provides students in 8th-12th grade with the skills and background necessary to transform a business idea into reality. The program aims to expose students to skills required to become a successful entrepreneur, encouraging a self-starter mentality and teaching tangible and practical business skills. The series of workshops will occur on selected Fridays after school throughout the school year and will cover the topics of Idea Generation, Finance, Marketing & P.R., and Operations.

Sessions begin with insights from a successful businessperson and include interactive workshops that aim to teach a variety of business skills and thinking. During these interactive sessions students are encouraged to ask questions both theoretical and practical questions. As students progress through the various topics of the program, they will move from the brainstorming and idea generation phase through the process of creating the full-fledged business plan necessary to launch their business. The Program culminates with a “demo day,” when students who have successfully completed a business plan are able to present their businesses to the community.

The RPS Business and Entrepreneurship Program is a prime example of how the Innovation Center at Rutgers Prep aims to bring real-world educational experiences to our students.  For more information on the Entrepreneurship Program contact Mr. Robert Kuchar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.