Rutgers Preparatory School

The World Looks Like Rutgers Prep

holidayWe recently surveyed the Rutgers Prep community to learn a little more about the languages that are spoken in the homes of our families. Even those of us who have learned from students of countless different backgrounds over the years were a little surprised to learn the scope of our results...

From Amharic to Yoruba, over 50 different languages are spoken in the homes of the students of Rutgers Prep. Our mathematically-minded Dr. Merges, with a little help from some friends, calculated that of the 7 billion people in the world, someone at Rutgers Prep could speak to over 4 billion of those people!

The Rutgers Prep experience has been described by some of our students and families as a life-changing one. The opportunities that our students have for exploring, discovering, and pursuing their passions are everywhere in evidence, and are heightened by the fact that our students are undertaking this journey alongside such an impressively diverse group of peers.

We are grateful to the families with whom we are partnering, and excited by the exchange of ideas that our inclusive and equitable community supports on a daily basis. Here's wishing everyone in the Rutgers Prep community a restful and joyous holiday season.