Rutgers Preparatory School

RPS Was the Launching Pad

I thought I'd give you a brief report about Jeff and his first semester experience at George Washington University.

Jeff took five strenuous/serious courses in the fall.  They were Journalism; World History; Political Science; Micro Economics; and Biology.  He is a dual major in Journalism and History with a minor in Political Science.  He ended the semester earning a 3.94 GPA (out of a possible 4.0).  He earned an "A" in all courses except Micro Economics where he got an "A-".  GWU does not award a grade of "A+" thus eliminating the possibility of anyone having greater than a 4.0 average.  If they did he would have had at least one "A+" since his class average in Journalism was 99%.
Jeff is in the process of applying for an internship with Congressman Rush Holt.  I thought you might be interested in what Assemblyman Peter Barnes had to say about Jeff.  His letter is attached.  Jeff received a copy of a similar letter from Dana Korbman, Executive Director of the Middlesex County Democratic Organization, that was sent to Congressman Holt by her. He was an intern for the democratic organization after his junior year at RPS and an intern for Assemblyman Barnes after graduating from RPS.

Quite obviously I am very proud of Jeff.  In fact, I'm bursting with pride.  I recently had the pleasure of listening to Jeff analyze the politics of the health care reform bill (prior to passage in the Senate) for a group of adults in Florida.  Someone asked a question with the attitude, "what can this kid possibly know about health care reform?"  Jeff's half hour response left the room literally speechless and dumbfounded.  No one there, including very successful and highly educated business people, could possibly debate him (if they cared to) because his depth of understanding and knowledge of the political intricacies were so deep.  I couldn't even intelligently agree with him because my knowledge of the subject is only superficial compared to his.

I tell you all this for one particularly compelling reason.  To thank you.  RPS was the launching pad, or maybe the first stage of a multi-stage rocket, that started Jeff on his life's journey which has only just begun.  But although his rocket has just started, it is fueled with many things RPS contributed to his development.  First and foremost, RPS helped teach Jeff how to think critically.  RPS inflamed a passion within him for learning.  RPS taught him how to express himself logically and calmly, yet forcefully, both verbally and in writing.  He is becoming a gifted writer.  RPS gave him confidence to participate in a dialogue with his professors, even to strongly disagree.  RPS built upon and reinforced the lessons of never judging anyone based on race, religion, color, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation that his mother and I taught him.  I could go on and on about the tone and character of the school that exists under your leadership, but I'd be at my computer writing all night.  Suffice it to say that Linda and I will always be indebted to RPS and to you for all you've given our son.

I hope RPS will continue its good work shaping our kids for centuries more to come.