In the entire solar system, Olympos Mons on mars is the largest volcano in it. Mars is about 1/2 the size of earth, and it has several volcanoes that are larger then the largest terrestrial volcanoes on earth. The largest volcanoes on mars are found in on the Elysium and Tharsis regions on mars. Ascraeus Mons, Pavonis Mons, and Arsia Mons are the shield volcanoes located on the northwest flanks of Mars. Shield volcanoes are volcanoes that have erupted and it took the lava a long period of time to cool. These large shield volcanoes are very similar to the Hawaiian shield volcanoes. Poured lava like eruptions can be expected to happen from both of the volcanoes on Mars and in Hawaii. These eruptions are quiet and basaltic in nature.

Olympos Mons has a Latin form which is called Mont Olympos. This volcano is more than 370 miles in diameter and is 16 miles above the surrounding plain. Hawaiian volcanoes and the volcanoes on mars both have slopes that rise very high. Olympos Mons is about the size of three Mount Everest's stacked on top of each other and the width of the whole Hawaiian island.

In the Elysium volcanic province, you can find three main volcanoes. This province covers 2,000 km in diameter. The name of these three main volcanoes are called the Elysium Mons which is 375 km across and 14 km high, Hecate's Tholus which is 180 km across and 4.8 km high, and Albor Tholus at 150 km across and 4.1 km high. Albor Tholus is southern most of the Elysium volcanoes.






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