Field Robots

Field robots explore or do things that are too dangerous for humans.

Subterranean exploration

Some robots explore places underground where it is too dangerous for people. They are called subterranean robots.The goal of subterranean robotics is to use robots to explore an underground area that is too dangerous for human entry . Robotocists are working on robots that drive, swim, and transform to operate in narrow passages.

Arctic long range traverse Robots

Another kind of field robot is an "Arctic long range traverse robot" This robot is called the LORAX. It surveys for life in Antarctica. roboticists are designing a robot that will explore mountain peaks that stick out through the ice called nunataks.

Volcanic Exploration

One robot that explores volcanos is Dante II. Using its cable anchored at the rim of the volcano/crater, Dante II is able to descend down crater walls like a mountain climber decending down a mountain to gather and analyze high temperature gasses from the volcano or crater floor. In addition to helping volcanic science, a goal of the Dante II program is to expand field robotics.

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