Coca-Cola History

by WB '09

It begins on May 8, 1886 Coca-Cola was born. An Atlanta druggist named Dr. John Pemberton created it as a syrup called brain and nerve tonic. It contained melted sugar, water, and other ingredients. The Syrup also contained Kola nut and Coca leaf; both contain strong stimulants including cocaine.

One day in 1886 a man came in with a headache and the "soda jerk" suggested mixing it with carbonated water in stead of tap. The customer drank it and remarked on the great taste. After that Coca-Cola was fizzy and sold for five cents a glass at Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta.

In 1888 Asa Griggs Candler bought out the company from Pemberton. That same year the doctor passed away. By 1914 Candler had a fortune of over $50 million. Another early investor was Ty Cobb. In 1894 a candy store's owner started selling Coke in a bottle. The Owner, Joseph Biedenharn, sent a case to Candeler. He thanked him but did not think more about it.

In 1899 3 attorneys bought the right to bottle coke for $1. They let local entrepreneurs bottle in their area for a price. By 1909 over 400 bottling plants were open across the country. "Coca-Cola History Bottling.The bottlers worried that the straight bottle was too easy to confuse with the competition. So in 1916 they asked glassmakers to design a new bottle. The Glass Root Company won with their famous "contour" bottle.

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