by DJD '09

The manufacturer of the Harrier is McDonnell Douglas. The propulsion is a Rolls Royce F402-RR-408 turbofan engine. The length of the Harrier is 46.3 feet and the wingspan is 30.3 feet. The primary function of the Harrier jump jet is to attack and destroy surface targets under day and night visual conditions.

The Harrier's armament is one 25-mm gun system which is good for sweeping in on unexpected targets and blasting away with bullets at the people. It has sidewinder missiles for taking out other enemy aircraft. It can also carry air to ground bombs for taking out towns and tanks.

The Harrier has a very unique way of getting off the ground. Like regular planes it can lift off from a runway and get off that way. But it can also lift up vertically like a helicopter. It turns the engines on the inside (you canŐt see them turn) and points them up and then they thrust the plane into the air. Then they turn them back to normal in the air and go forward.

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