Dolly The Cloned Sheep
By M.M.

Dolly the cloned sheep was an amazing breakthrough in science. She came out as a full functional clone, and was even able to have kids! Dolly had three kids in 1998; they were kept and never released into the wild.

Dolly's creator was a brilliant Scottish scientist named Ian Wiltman. Dolly was very famous and very cute. This was said by many in the world. It was also known how astonishing she was too. It was amazing that she was cloned from adult cells and was still able to grow!

Dolly lived for years and was a great thing to happen to science. But unfortunately in the last one or two years of dolly's life she started to get arthritis. This then killed her in February 2000. She has and always leave a big mark on science. Hopefully we will be able to clone in the future with out so many complications.

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