Radar Report
by PN

Robert Watson-Watt first invented radar in 1935. The British wanted a death ray to destroy that could melt metal or incinerate a human. They asked Watson-Watt to make a death ray. Instead he came out with a machine that could detect an airplane.

Radar is an electronic device used to detect objects not visible to the human eye. It can tell height distance direction and speed. It can even be used in heavy fog, snow and rain. The name Radar comes from radio detection and ranging. Radar sends out radio waves toward an object then the waves bounce of the object and comes back.

Radar is used for many different things. It is useful in aviation. Air ports and airplanes use it to detect planes going and coming and going. They also use Radar to detect weather so that pilots don't get caught in a heavy storm. Ships also use Radar. They use it for navigation. When it is foggy out they use Radar to detect other boats and reef. Harbormasters use it to control traffic in the harbor. The military also uses Radar. They use it for six different things: (1) air defense (2) missile defense (3) intelligence gathering (4) space surveillance (5) range instrumentation (6) weapon fire control The police also use it to see if cars are speeding. Radar is a very useful invention. It has probably saved many lives and has detected many different things. It is a good thing that Robert Watson-Watt invented Radar.

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