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The modern Stealth Aircraft was invented in 1983 by the Lockheed Martin Corporation. The purpose of the Stealth Plane was to make planes invisible to radar. In order to make a plane invisible is to shape it so it does not reflect radar waves back to where they came. Both ideas were used in the first stealth aircraft, the U.S. Lockheed F-117 fighter, which became operational in 1983."
"Found in 1000 Inventions & Discoveries."

"American aircraft designers began discussing applying stealth technology to airplanes in the 1940's. But it is not until the 1950's that they actually began designs that took into account an airplaneÕs radar signature. The U-2 spyplane, which started in the late 1954 by Lockheed Aircraft under a contract with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), was intended to be stealthy largely by flying at a very high altitude. Its designers expected that Soviet air defense radar could. ItÕs designers were wrong about the soviet radar, however, and the first U-2s to fly over soviet territory were immediately detected. This prompted U.S. radar and aircraft experts to evaluate a number of ways to reduce the radar signature of the airplane. In 1958,the CIA began studying a replacement for the U-2 that could fly at speeds above Mach 3. This aircraft was called the OXCART inside joke because they thought it would be slow. would not be able to detect at that altitude, although U.S. radar certainly"
"www.centennialofflight.gov/essay/Air_Power/stealth/AP46.htm>. New York: DK Publishing, 2002."

"The US Air , Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and North Corp. teamed up for the TACIT BLUE Technology Demonstration Program from 1978 to 1985. TACIT BLUE validated a number of innovative stealth technology advances.TACIT BLUE was initially created to demonstrate that a low observable surveillance aircraft with a low probability of intercept radarÕs and other sensors could continuously monitor the ground situation behind the battlefield and provide targeting information in real-time to a ground command center. Money, Arthur. Force "." Above Top Secret.com 11 Dec. 2003 www.abovesecret.com/pages/tacit.html"

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