The Denim Plague
by SRS '09

All over the world, people are wearing jeans. Jeans are a very popular piece of clothing. The range of the ages of the people wearing them is 3 months to 89 years. Jeans are one the most popular pieces of clothing in the world. The jeans first became popular during the Gold Rush of 1850. The gold diggers just wanted heavy-duty pants that would not rip and/or tear because they wore them excessively. Levi Strauss decided to design the pants that would help the gold diggers. He had no idea that in just about 20 years they would become one of the worlds' most popular pieces of clothing. "The History of Jeans." Global Issues for Learners of English. 10 Dec. 2003

Levi Strauss was born in Bavaria. He eventually immigrated to New York City and moved to San Francisco, California for the 1850 Gold Rush. He made durable pants for the gold miners out of tent canvas. Mr. Strauss later substituted denim and added copper riveting to the pockets. In 1853, he formed a partnership with his brothers, Jonas and Louis, and Jacob Davis. Even though Levi Strauss died in 1902, his invention still lives on. The headquarters are still in San Francisco. "Strauss, Levi." Encyclopedia Britannica Online School Edition. ed.

Jeans started becoming popular in the 1930's when Hollywood started making western movies. The cowboys who wore jeans in the movies became very popular. During the 1940's, soldiers wore them when they were off duty. In the 1950's denim became popular with the young people. It eventually became a symbol of teen rebels. In the 1960's, many hippies wore them as a symbol of peace and freedom. Levi Strauss would be proud if he could see what his invention would become.

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