R. S. '09

In 1845 Peter Cooper became the inventor of Jello. He was also an industrialist, inventor, & philanthropist. He was a very important man, and Jello made him more famous than ever. Cooper had a number of inventions including a steam-powered locomotive called "Tom Thumb." He was the founder of the Cooper Union, a college in New York City.

Gelatin was discovered a long time ago. However, Peter Cooper made it into a dessert in1845. Unfortunately, he didnŐt bring it out into the public. Gelatin looked bad and didnŐt taste very good. In 1895, a cough syrup manufacturer from New York named Paul B. Wait added fruit syrup to gelatin. This now tasted very good. Mr. Wait called this product, " JELLO."

At first no one wanted to buy Jello. Wait sold his product to a cereal manufacturer named Frank Woodward. Frank tried to sell the rights to Jello for only $35, but no one was interested. Finally around the year 1900, Jello took off. Soon it became the largest selling prepared dessert in the world. We still even eat it today.

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