by S. F. '09

Paint balling is a cool sport where people use guns or (markers) filled with colored and harmless balls. People play a variety of war and hunting games. Paint balls are made out of gel caps with washable paint inside. The guns are runned by compressed air or gas. Paint balling can be a dangerous game. You can not die from paint balling but they can give sirious injuries. Like one person got his eye lid shot of because he was not wearing his protective mask.

When the paintball gun was invented they were not ment for game use. They were used to mark places in the woods for proprities. In 1981 twelve friends played capture the flag with the proprity-marking gun. In 1982 the first paint ball field was made in Rochester, New York. Then the Nelson paint ball factory was born.

The Nelson Paint Company was founded in the 1940's. Even Nelson faced with hight issuse he invented a gun to shoot up high and mark trees. When Nelson invented the paint ball he did not make it for the paintballing sport. George Skogg invented a washable marking substance. Robert Sheperd invented the first paint ball gun. It was called the Spaltmaster. Paintballing is one of the most coolest games

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