The Toaster
by S. T. '09

am interested in the toaster. Over the past week I have found a hand full of cool things about a toaster. The toaster started by a steel rod that you put over a fire to burn the bread. Then it adapted to a toaster that you had to watch so that the bread didn't burn. When you put a peace of bread into a toaster why does the bread pop up before it burns? When the bread inside the toaster gets hot the toaster senses the heat and it pops up.

Our toasters now are made of an aluminum material. Before the aluminum cover there was just wire. There had been a lot of fires that had accrued form these open wires. So the people had to do some thing about this. They couldn't make the covering out of wood it would catch fire too easy. So they had to make out of some kind of metal. They made it out of iron. After a wile they evolved to aluminum.

This is my story of the smoky house. When I got home from school I was so hungry I could pass out. So what I did was I got a piece of bread out of the refrigerator. I put it into the toaster and went out side to lift. While I was lifting I forgot about the toast. I hard a loud beeee beeee beeee beee beeee. I thought ooh no the toast. I ran into the kitchen the whole house was full of smoke. I turned off the alarm and got covers from upstairs. I ran back down stairs and started to fan thew house I turn on all the fans and opened all the windows. It took and hour of fanning to get all the smoke out. After all the smoke was out I went to see what the bread looked like. The bread had shrunk to the size of my thumb. When my mom got home she said why does it smell like charcoal. I said don't ask.

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