The 35mm Camera

The 35mm Camera

by CdeL

The 35-millimeter camera was first invented in 1924 when Oskar Barnack and Ernst Leitz worked together to create a simple camera that exposed short strips of 35mm film in Germany. In truth, the first 35mm camera wasn't really much other than a box that had a lens, film, and a shutter. Ixt was first used for filming movies; the 35mm film was created by doubling the size of a movie frame. This was called the Barnack camera and Mr. Leitz's company began to manufacture it. The camera was called Leica, which was a combination of the words "Leitz" and "camera". -Patti, Tony. "A Short History of General Use Cameras." PSA Journal 5 2003. Retrieved 26 2 2004

The 35mm camera generally has a lens. It can focus on subject distances from infinity down to five feet, or less than that. A winding lever will advance the film from one frame the next and at the same time, it tensions the shutter to prepare for each exposure. Then, the film is rewound into the cartridge so that it can be taken out of the camera in daylight. It also has a direct-vision viewfinder which is combined with an autofocus system for accurate settings of distance. Some more advanced models may have interchangeable lenses. -"Technology of Photography." Encyclopaedia Britannica. 2004. Encyclopaedia Britannica Online School Edition. 26 Feb 2004

Oskar Barnack came to invent the 35-millimeter camera when he noticed how photographers were always concerned with hauling their heavy plate cameras from place to place. Seeing this made him want to look for a whole new way to take photographs. He was enabled to do this while working as a development manager at Leica. He took an instrument that was used for taking cinema film exposure samples and he turned it into the 35mm camera. The film format was created by actually doubling the cinema film format-very simply indeed. Because of the first World War, however, the first Leica did not actually go into serial production until the year 1924. It was presented publicly in 1925. -"A legend is born." Leica - Oskar Barnack, Inventor of the Original Leica the "Ur-Leica"

35mm cameras were attempted before Oskar Barnack's revolutionizing design, but none of them were successful. Not until the Leica came out did 35mm cameras really became popular. The 35mm camera is a fascinating invention, and hopefully this report has given some useful information.

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