The Walkman
by SM, '09

The walkman was invented by one of the founders of Sony, Akio Morita. When Sony launched this product on June 22 1979, they held a party outside. The journalists were given a walkman. They went on a bus and listened to a tape that told them to look at some demonstrations. They were amazed.

Akio Morita, the Japanese inventor, is the inventor of the walkman. He was a cofounder of Sony and is now the chairman of the board. He was born on January 16, 1921 in Nagoya, Japan. He went to Osaka Imperial University with a major in physics. His early successes were the tape-recorder, and a pocket sized transistor radio, and the video cassete recorder. In 1979 Sony introduced the walkman. He retired in 1994 and died in 1999

The walkman was invented to give people a chance to listen to music on the run. The walkman was one of the most successful products in the 1980's. Songs were even written about it. Other companies tried to imitate the walkman and soon almost everybody had one. Rendon, Paul-mark. "Sony Adds Bite to its Walkman Brand." Marketing Magazine 8 11 2003. 27 Feb 2004

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