The Invention Of Bubble Gum

RM '09

Bubble gum was invented by Walter Diemer. It was invented in 1928. It was invented by accident. He was an accountant for the company, Fleer Chewing Gum. He was playing with some new gum recipes. One of his recipes turned out less sticky and it stretched more When he chewed it he reliezed you could blow a bubble with it! He took his new discovery to a grocery store. Everybody loved it and his hum sold out. , Source:

After seeing his inventions popularity he took his discovery over to his company (Fleer Chewing Gum). He showed the salesmen how to blow a bubble. They called this new gum Double Bubble. For many years double bubble was the only bubble gum on the market. Source:

Did you ever wonder why bubble gum was pink? I know I did. It just so happens that after four months of working on this new invention Diemer made a 300 pound batch of bubble gum. After it was done he reliezed that he didn't add any coloring in the gum. The only color food coloring he had was pink. Since then the majority of bubble gum has been pink, and we love it! Source:

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