by J.W. '09

Lipstick as we know it was not created until the twentieth. Lip color was used before it was made into its current stick form. It was first seen in the Sumarian city of Ur. This was an ancient city near Babylon. Cleopatra used lip color as well. It was made from crushed beetles and ant eggs. The ancient people of Egypt were known for their love of make-up. Even the men wore make-up back then. "The History of Lipstick, Powder and Blush." nzgirl. 01 Mar 2004. .

The Elizabethan age brought other types of lip color. Queen Elizabeth I herself wore make-up, bringing up itÕs popularity level. Before Elizabeth wore it, make-up had been used a lot less. Elizabeth used lipsticks made up of cochineal and beeswax. Elizabethan lip color was occasionally a stain made from dark red plant dye. "The History of Lipstick, Powder and Blush." nzgirl. 01 Mar 2004. .

Maurice Levy made lipstick more popular. He achieved this by created the modern day tube. Before this, lipstick wasnÕt very widely used. By creating the modern version of lipstick, Levy was responsible for the phenomenon that is lipstick today. Very few women do not wear lipstick at one time or another. Macor, Alison. "Lipstick." St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture . 01 Mar 2004

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