The Atomic Bomb
by I.C. ' 09

The Atomic Bomb is one of the most destructive weapons used on the human race. An Atomic Bomb or nuclear weapons are all explosive devices that include missiles, bombs, artillery shells, mines, and torpedoes. They are also called atomic bomb or the hydrogen bomb. There are two types of nuclear weapon one are the fission weapons or known as atomic bomb and thermonuclear or also called hydrogen weapon of fusion weapons.

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The first atomic bombs were built when Russia and the United States were becoming leading military powers. Now the nuclear weapons are made to attack enemies from far range fired by long-ranged In 1938 researchers discovered that splitting the nucleus of an uranium atom releases energy.

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In 1939 in World War II, German born physicist Albert Einstein told President Roosevelt of the power of a fission bomb. In 1942, the US government started the Manhattan project to design and built the atomic bomb. Nuclear weapons were also developed

"Nuclear Weapon." World Book. 2002 ed. 2002. Damages Caused by Atomic Bomb. 11 May 2004. .

The first weapon used against Japan was a gun type fission bomb, its code name was "Little Boy". Dropped from a B29 aircraft called Enola Gay on the Japanese City of Hiroshima. Three days later another B29 dropped implosive fission bomb on Nagasaki, Japan, code name "Fat Man". Both of the bombs destroyed their target cities. The smaller bomb killed 70000 to 100000 people in Hiroshima on flat terrain, the larger bomb killed about 40000 in Nagasaki on hilly terrain. On Aug. 14, 1945 Japan agreed to surrender, ending World War II. Both bombs left both cities in waste and left people dying because of the radiation. Now nuclear weapons are not in use.

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