Electric Scooter
by E.H '09

The electric scooter created in 1946 by Corradino D'ascanio in Italy. He wanted a vechile that could bring him around his factory. So he came up with the idea of a scooter. The first scooter was called The vespa (Italian for Wasp).

Over the last few years electric scooters have become very popular. The have many high tech designs. They range in price form 100$ to 1000$. Most of them come equipped with many different features such as shox and seat just to name a few.

All scooters are different in speed and range. They normally go from 10 to 30 mph and 8-30 mile range. There are many different models of scooters. There are 3 that I researched and felt were good scooters . The first scooter I looked at was the Currie GT Asteroid replaces the 2002 model year Currie Phat Flyer. The GT Asteroid has a 350 Watt motor which is smaller that the normal 600 watt motor of a higher end Currie scooters. I has a top speed of 16 mph and a mile 8 range. The GT Asteroid requires 5-6 hour charge. The scooter weighs 48 pounds. The next model is the Currie GT Shockwave. The Shockwave is one of Currie newest models. It has a 600 watt motor with 40% more torque than the old Phat Flyer SE model. The Shockwave has good off-road tires with 12 inch wheels. Top speed is around 16 mph and an 8 mile range. The Shockwave weighs 67 pounds. The final model I looked at was the Vego Sx600. The Vego also has strong 12 inch tires with a 500 watt motor. It goes up to speeds of 20 mph and a 20 mile range the Vego Sx600 requires a 4-6 hour charge. The Vego Sx600 weighs 76 pounds.

The scooter is a great invention that helps people get where they need to go. Scooter companies will keep improving the designs of the scooter to make them more high tech.

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