s Bikini

by S.M. '09

Jacques Heim and Louis Reard invented the first bikini. The name of the bikini came from Bikini Atoll who has Marshall Island (I guess an island is the place to where a bikini). The bikini was invented in 1946 in France where most of the fashion started.

Bikinis wasn't always excepted it was banned from pageants because most thought of it as too exposing. The bikini got a little more popular in 1960 when a song by Brain Hyland named " Itsy bitsy Tiny Winy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" came out and everyone started to hear about them. As the years went on the bikinis gets more popular and more than 3,ooo bikinis were sold in one month

In the 1970s Rio and St. Tropez come out with the tanga-suit also known as the "thong". It was a string bikini as known as "dental floss". The thong became more popular with adults and teens and so did the bikini.

There are many designs of the bikini there is the halter top, the thong, the tube top, the shorts, and many others. Everyone is wearing them whether they are babies or an old person on the beach trying to get tan. Bikini have been seen on people walking down the street on a hot summer day, they're not just for the beach anymore.

bikini has had a long history from not being expectable at first to being one of the world's most fashionable styles.

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