The Invention of the snorkel
by rdp '09

The Snorkel was invented in 1936 by a Dutch man name Jan Wichers. He invented the snorkel in the Netherlands. But he did not invent it for it's modern day use!

He invented it for submarines. Submarines used to float at the top of the water and went under water only for evasion or attacks by day (rarely). But Jan had an idea to make a kind of pipeline system that allowed heavy gases to flow out of the engine and fresh air to flow into it. So the submarine could stay under water without coming out for air. He called it a schnorkel.

After nuclear power was discovered to keep submarines running the schnorkel became a snorkel and was used so people could breathe under water.

Now the snorkel is used for almost many under water activities . It has also inspired others to invent under water sports and inventions like the scuba tank and more!

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