The Grocery Cart
by S.S. '09

The grocery cart is a very interesting invention. Most inventors would never think inventing a machine that makes grocery shopping easier. Sylvan Goldman the inventor of the grocery cart invented it in 1937 by putting wheels on a laundry basket. He was a resident Oklahoma City when he thought of the great idea. Sources:

When Goldman first told the public about the grocery cart they were unimpressed, they said that it was very unstylish and probably would not work. This problem led to a very unusual reaction, Sylvan Goldman hired male and female models to model with the carts and pushes them around in stores, and this way people would not think they were foolish. Sources:

After a while the grocery cart was no longer an American invention, it went international. Companies in London, Paris, and Holland. In London they where called a buggy or a trolley. They are common in supermarkets, airports, and many other public places. Sources:

For some reason there happens to be a huge problem of grocery cart theft. If you happened to be walking in the streets you might be able to see homeless people pushing around grocery carts. Almost every year there are more than one million dollars of grocery carts stolen. In Arizona three shopping centers have created a devise so they can not be stolen anymore. There are detectors on the wheels that make the wheels to stop when they cross the systems boundaries. Sources:

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