The Mars Bar
by DT '09

The mars bar was first created in 1935 by a man named Forest Mars. In the U.S. the mars bar is known as the Milky Way. In England the Milky Way is the equivalent of a three musketeers bar. The mars bar is made of nougat like mouse with caramel and chocolate. The mars bar was a version of forest mars' fathers candy bar the Milky Way adapted to English tastes. Bridgman, Roger . 100 Inventions and Discoveries. 1st ed. New York: DK Publishing, 2002. "Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia." Mars Bar. 11 May 2004, .

Since then mars incorporated has come out with many more candy products. Some of these include, starburst, skittles, snickers and Twix. These have been as successful but not as successful as the original mars bar. Mars is still making these products. "Candy Food Facts, History, Information, Timelines." A Timeline to Confectionary. 11 May 2004. .

Recently mars incorporated have put the cocoapro logo on there chocolate bars. They found out that mars bars have a high flavonoid content. These come from the cocoa beans. Chocolate has flavonoids because of the beans. Dark chocolate has more than milk chocolate and white chocolate has none because it is not made with cocoa beans. , . "How Healthy is Chocolate?." Consumer Reports on Health February 2001. 10 May 2004 .

Mars is mostly known for its chocolate but they also make a variety of other foods. They make Whiskas, pedigree, Cesar and Sheba pet food brands. Mars also manufactures Uncle Ben's packaged rice. mars now has offices and factories in 60 countries and products are sold in over 100. At the start of the 70's mars had $300 million and now has over $14 billion. The mars bar has been successful since it was made and has even become more popular than his father Frank Mars' chocolate the milky way. "Mars." Mars Incorporated. 11 May 2004. .

ROCK ON ALL!!!!!!!!!....... eat at your own risk

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