How We Explore
The Jet Engine
by S.C. '09
Radar by P. N. '09
The Snorkel
by R.D.P. '09

How We Work

The Lie Detector

by B.H. '09
The Fuel Cell
by G. L. '09
The Chainsaw
by P.M. '09
Carbon Fiber
by R.P. '09

The Skyscraper

by V.S. '09

How We Eat
Sliced Bread
by A.F. '09
The Paper Cup
by C.M. '09
Ice Cream
by S.S.R. '09

by M. C. '09
and by W.B. '09
Jello by R. S. '09

Bubble Gum

by R.M. '09

The Grocery Cart by S.S. '09
The Mars Barby D.T. '09
The Doughnut by M. P. '09
The Toaster by S. T. '09

How We Communicate
telephone, radio, television, typewriter,
printing press, world wide web

The 2003-2004
7th Grade
Computer Cycle

I N V E N T I O N S !

How We Think
The Laser by A. N. '09

by M. M. '09

How We Record

The Pencil

by A. T. '09

The 35mm Camera

by CdeL '09


by E.S. '09

How We Play

The Clarinet
by L.D. '09
Basketball by R. C. '09
Paintballing by S. F. '09

The Walkman

by S.M. '09

How We Live
Fluorescent Lamps
by E. T. '09
by S.M. '09
Laughing Gas
by B.U. '09

The Match

by G. S. '09

The Mini-Skirt
by S. L. '09
by J.W. '09
by M.F. '09
Jeans: Past and Present
by P. G. '09 and
Blue Jeans by S. R. S. '09

How We Fight

The Crossbow

by E. B. '09
The Atomic Bomb
by I.C. '09
Stealth Bomber
by S. M. S. '09

How We Move

The Car
by S.R. '09
The Harrier Jet
by D. D. '09
The McLaren F1 Sports Car
by C.M. '09
Electric Scooter
by E.H. '09

Hover Craft

by J.T. '09

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