Rutgers Preparatory School
1345 Easton Avenue | Somerset, NJ 08873
Phone: 732.545.5600

Welcome From Head of School

On behalf of our students, our faculty, our parents, and the thousands of alumni and parents of alumni, we are proud to welcome you to New Jersey’s First Independent School.

Rutgers Prep is, and has always been, a community where people are the priority. The members of our school place a premium on achievement, involvement, and fun. With students ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to Seniors in High School, our family supports each other and together we learn and we succeed. The value of a Rutgers Prep education is powerful, because the student develops within a community of peers, sharing aspirations and developing skills and experiences that translate into successful futures. The result is an extraordinary journey with endless destinations.

Our recent Accreditation Report commended us for “creating a learning community and enviable culture of mutual respect and affection where Rutgers Preparatory students celebrate their differences rather than simply tolerating them and view their differences as a welcome source of profound enrichment. More than just a friendly independent school community, Rutgers Preparatory students are fundamentally kind to each other and, moreover, perceive each other as sources of instruction and inspiration regardless of their backgrounds and perspectives. There is no evidence whatsoever of a proverbial ‘cool crowd’ or student cliques invariably present in every teenage community.

There is a palpable atmosphere felt as soon as one steps on the campus. People are friendly; they smile; they say hello; they hold the door; they look at a visitor in the eye to make contact with the soul that resides within.

Rutgers Preparatory School is commended for its accomplishments in developing an exceptionally strong, equitable, just and inclusive community that inspires students to respect others and value diversity.

Rutgers Prep serves as an exceptional model of school community to all NJAIS schools and to all schools in general.”

By the very nature of independence, Independent Schools like Rutgers Prep elect to create their mission and their culture. Ours is a mission to inspire students, a culture of achievement, and a proven track record of college preparation since 1766.

I welcome you to find out more about Rutgers Prep and with hope, welcome you to ultimately join our community and share in our achievements and successes.


Dr. Steven Loy
Head of School
Rutgers Preparatory School, 1992 – present