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D'Aloia Center for Teaching and Learning Support

It is our mission at the D'Aloia Center for Teaching and Learning Support to help students achieve their academic goals by encouraging responsibility, empowerment and self-advocacy. The D'Aloia Center provides structured support to students with learning differences with the goal of creating independent learners. It also offers programs that are designed intentionally to maximize student involvement in their own learning and development to help them reach their full potential.

What We Do

The D'Aloia Center is available to students primarily in grades 6 - 12th who have been diagnosed with a learning difference. We strive to support students in meeting individual goals at Rutgers Prep through accommodations, coaching and consultation. Our recognition of each student's individuality informs our classroom strategies. The D'Aloia Center Learning Specialist encourages student development of self-awareness and knowledge of his or her strengths and weaknesses, which leads to a foundation for independence. We support and collaborate with faculty and staff as they help to maximize the student’s potential.

Our Students

At the D'Aloia Center for Teaching and Learning Support we support students with different academic challenges. Some common characteristics include:

  • High achieving
  • Highly creative
  • Hard-working
  • Resilient
  • Goal-oriented

How We Do It

At the D'Aloia Center we take a multi-pronged approach to helping students. Our goal is to understand each child’s strengths and work as a team with family, teachers and the student to help each student reach his or her full potential. The Learning Specialist works with each family for the entirety of their child’s experience from Middle School through Upper School, fostering deep, meaningful relationships and an understanding of how each child learns best.

A Learning Specialist:

  • Works one-on-one with families throughout their RPS experience.
  • Provides support in the form of essay review, time management, basic math review, and study skills.
  • Supports teachers in the classroom by brainstorming best practices and teaching techniques to help all students succeed.
  • Meets with the students as needed, to develop skills such as self-advocacy, management, organization, motivation, working memory, flexibility and problem-solving.

Our Counseling Program works with families and students to support the emotional and mental well being of all students.

Our Counselors:

  • Initiate an introductory meeting with all 9th grade students and all new students each Fall.
  • Are available for drop-in meetings with any student, at any time. Students may schedule more frequent meetings with a counselor as needed.
  • Promote healthy habits through our Wellness curriculum including Mindfulness practices and more.