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Remote Learning at Rutgers Prep

For more than 250 years, Rutgers Prep has been a leader in education, and the transition to remote learning has been no different. We have ensured that our students experienced a seamless transition to virtual learning by planning online schedules and organizing the rollout from in-person to online classes. Focused on engagement, flexibility, and continuing our community the RPS Remote learning environment provides our students with a structured and engaging way of learning that will give them the skills they will need to succeed in learning in the 21st century.

Our Stories

College Counselors Offer Advice on Navigating the College Process

Mrs. Riggi and Ms. Krause serve as the co-director of Rutgers Prep’s College Counseling Department. After so many years of stressing the importance of extracurricular engagement and campus visits with students, we are suddenly operating in a world in which many traditional extracurricular activities and in-person campus visits are no longer possible. Our counselors are happy to offer their perspective and tips to college-bound juniors, and to help answer the question, "Now what?"

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Students Surprise Teachers with “Remote Learning Thank You” Video

Since we started engaging in classes remotely after Spring Break, we have attempted to share a glimpse into some of our classrooms, highlighting the creative approaches and new techniques our teachers have been employing in this unprecedented and challenging time. But no matter how hard we try, we could never fully capture the ingenuity, and more importantly, the dedication our teachers have shown in converting their curricula into an online format.

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Staying Argonaut Strong: Physical Education in a Socially Distant Setting

Delivering a physical education curriculum when you can't be physically present can prove to be particularly challenging–fortunately, our Physical Education teachers love a good challenge. Our PE department has been providing a wide array of home videos, synchronous Zoom workouts, and dynamic activities to keep our students fit during a time that may have otherwise limited their ability to do so.

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RPS Drama Goes Virtual

Rehearsals for "Trap," the spring Upper School theater production, have gone virtual! Some of the warm-up routines our actors use to get stage-ready have remained the same, but Ms. Turlish has introduced new ones, like Emotion Faces, that are more conducive to a digital environment.

Can you guess the emotions being conveyed in each exercise?

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How To Set Up a Remote Workstation For Your Child

As many of us have had to make adjustments in transitioning to remote learning, it's helpful to know how best to set ourselves and our children up for success in this new setting. Sara Nardulli, our Director of Learning Support has put together the following tips and video to help students of all ages (and maybe even parents who are working from home!) set up a workspace and create a productive environment.

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Tips From Our Counselors About Navigating COVID-19 With Your Child

As we think about the impact of the coronavirus on our daily lives, whether directly or indirectly, it's important, now more than ever, to address our needs as adults, as well as our children's needs, in order to maintain a healthy state of mind and body. Here is some helpful advice and a few tips from Scott Gill, Director of Student Services at Rutgers Prep

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RPS Prepares for Remote Learning

As Rutgers Prep prepares to engage in remote learning beginning on March 30th, our teachers have dedicated themselves over Spring Break to enhancing their home classrooms, training in the newest remote learning technologies and resources, and developing creative approaches.

“We are eager, we are excited, and we are ready,” said Headmaster Steve Loy in a video message sent to parents. “What matters has come sharply into focus. Family matters, kindness and generosity matter, health matters, and most importantly, community matters.”

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Remote Learning in Action

7th Grade Science Class

6th Grade DIY Candy Machine

RPS Parents

“From the first time we set foot on campus, we felt we belong at RPS. Your kind message reaffirms the soundness of that first impression, reminding me of a core reason why we reacted that way. To a person, the RPS faculty and staff reached out to us and welcomed us wholeheartedly into the school community."
"I’d like to thank you and all of her teachers for making remote learning so fun, productive, and valuable during this extremely challenging time. Honestly, the days she has classes are her best days. On weekends, she’s unhappy with nothing to do… Please pass along my gratitude to the Middle School team. They’ve done a great job with remote learning!”
“I am so appreciative of all the work the lower school faculty has done to ensure a happy and inspiring spring. We believe strongly that keeping such close contact with their teachers has nurtured and reassured them during a challenging time when children have seen their routines upended. Their routine remains firmly in place– they wake up each school day excited to learn and interact with their classmates, classroom teachers, as well as their instructors in art, STEAM, Spanish, music, guidance, and Physical Education."

"Thanks to each of you and the faculty and staff for your communication and efforts to deliver education and social connection for the RPS community during these challenging days. I know this is keeping you up at night. We appreciate all of your overdrive efforts."

“Thank you for the hard work and flexibility that you all and the teachers have shown in dealing with a whole new way of doing things. We truly appreciate all the effort and hard work."

"Proud and thankful to be part of RPS and thank you all for keeping our children’s futures moving forward."

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