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For the most up-to-date information and Frequently Asked Questions about how Rutgers Prep is responding to COVID-19, including those specific to our international families, please visit

The Rutgers Preparatory School Office of Admission is monitoring developments related to the recent outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCov). We are aware that the activities of many schools in affected areas have been indefinitely suspended, causing potentially significant impact on all aspects of school life and record sharing, in addition to test administration cancellations.

Consistent with our commitment to the holistic evaluation of applicants, Rutgers Prep always strives to take such extenuating circumstances into consideration. If you are an applicant who has been affected by the associated school interruptions or testing cancellations, we encourage you to update us with any relevant information by emailing We will be flexible and accommodating, within the constraints of the overall admission process, in an effort to support all applicants and their families.

We hope this additional consideration will help to alleviate some of your concerns about your application. Most importantly, we hope that you, your family and your community will be safe and healthy.

罗格预备学校招生办一直密切关注近期新型冠状病毒 ( 2019-nCon)疫情。我们知道许多疫情区里的学校正面临无限期停学, 除了考试取消, 也严重影响学校校务以及成绩记录报告。

秉持一贯对申请学生做整体性评量之原则, 罗格斯预备学校向来都尽力将特殊情况列入考虑因素。如果您是受到学校停学 或考试取消影响的申请学生,我们极力鼓励您以电邮方式与我们联络, 让我们了解任何最新有关信息。我们会在申请入学制约程序里,以有弹性 及包容的态度 来协助所有的申请学生及家庭。

我们希望这个额外的考量能稍稍减轻您在申请入学里的顾虑。最重要的是我们祈望您, 您的家人,和您的社区 平安健康

We welcome you to learn more about our programs designed specifically for International Students who want to be a part of the Rutgers Prep Community and prepare for college in the United States. In addition to being New Jersey's first independent school, and one of the oldest in the country, Rutgers Prep has a long tradition of welcoming international students and faculty to our community. Today, Rutgers Prep holds exclusive status as the first independent school to be awarded Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) status at the United Nations. Our global mindset is enhanced by membership with the Network of Complementary Schools, the National Association of Independent Schools and the Council of International Schools.

Only admission invitations offered directly from our New Jersey office of Admission here in Somerset, New Jersey are valid. Rutgers Prep does not partner with any other institutions regarding admission.

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