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Institutional Educational Partnerships

Rutgers Preparatory School has 250 years of history as an independent school. We believe our experience can be a valuable tool to assist new schools and educational organizations in their pursuit of a mission. Rutgers Prep offers its knowledge and understanding in the educational space to support as a strategic cooperation and partnership with international organizations looking to grow in new areas. The protocols involved focus on supporting nascent educational experiments as they develop into vibrant, viable schools.

Innovation Academy:
Rutgers Prep started the Innovation Academy in the spring of 2021 to serve the needs of the global community through on-line content, often paired with in person instruction delivered remotely and on our campus. We offer a range of courses from topics that only take a few hours of work to complete to a full-year credit classes. Badges, certificates, and credits are available to students of all ages, a truly K-Gray program. As we assembly content, alumni, parents, teachers, students and friends are encouraged to share their passions through the online learning management system (LMS). In addition, the Innovation Academy continues to identify strategic partners such as the Global NGO Executive Committee to offer courses on United Nations projects and a range of potential future topics.

Rutgers Preparatory School worked to support the High School Affiliated with Renmin University in Beijing (RDFZ) as they developed their new campus, the Princeton International School for Mathematics and Science (PRISMS). This multiyear cooperation with a focus on administrative structure of independent, international schools developed a school focused on scientific research as an instructional tool.

Rutgers Preparatory School will be supporting the growth of this new international school in Hangzhou, China. The goal of this involvement will be support in the formation of a school board, administrative structure, and curricular programs with the hope that this foundation will allow MPIS to acquire a United States based accreditation.

United Nations
Rutgers Prep is the first high school in the world to be affiliated as an NGO (non-governmental organization) with the United Nations through the Department of Public Information (UNDPI). In 2018, RPS also became a member of the Executive Committee of NGO/DPI.

Network of Complementary Schools
Rutgers Prep is one of only 18 schools within this Network. Students and faculty who participate in a Network program by taking time out of their normal academic schedules to travel and experience the educational community of a member school are seekers willing to open themselves to new cultures and new ideas. By experiencing, embracing, and immersing themselves in the cultural, racial, ethnic, socio-economic, and geographic diversity, participants have the opportunity to increase their capacity for change by grappling and learning to listen in different ways and for different outcome. The growth opportunities that abound through The Network of Complementary Schools are restricted only by possible limits of one’s imagination.

Membership in GEBG affords RPS faculty the resources and best practices available to school involved in international student travel and service learning projects.

Mastery Transcript
The Mastery Transcript Consortium is a group of school focused on developing a transcript that reflects the talents and skills of students, and not just a list of grades, courses, and GPA.

Council of International Schools
The Council of International Schools is a group of educational institutions in over 100 countries focused on international education and the skills students need to be a global citizen.

NAIS is our national body. They offer professional development and support as well as national trends. Rutgers Prep served as a Global Ambassador for NAIS in 2017-18.

NJAIS is our accrediting body. They offer professional development for faculty and trustees.

Study NJ
Study NJ is a group of educational institutions focused on international education and supporting international students in the State of New Jersey. Rutgers Prep is the first high school to be a member of the group.

American Curriculum Partnerships
American Curriculum Partnerships aims to identify today’s best practices in education, particularly in regards to curriculum, instruction, & methodology. In this quickly globalizing world, ACP hopes to deliver these practices to educators and students across the world through prospecting and partnerships.