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Information for International Students

This page will provide international students new to Rutgers Prep with critical information on homestays, I-20s, health forms, orientation, and placement testing. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Mr. Tim Cohen, Dean of International Students, at We are looking forward to welcoming you to campus in August!


Rutgers Preparatory School homestay program uses industry best practices to ensure that our international students and hosts are supported by the highest level of care and security.

It is important to note that a living arrangement is considered a homestay for any international student not living with a biological or adoptive parent. Therefore, any student living with a cousin, aunt, or uncle is considered to be living in a homestay.

All Rutgers Prep international students living in a homestay must be supervised by a CSIET (Council on Standards for International Educational Travel) listed organization. Our preferred provider is StudentRoomStay (formerly known as American Homestay Network). We have partnered with SRS because they are highly reputable and have enjoyed a close working relationship with them for a few years. You may choose to use SRS as your homestay provider or any other CSIET listed provider. Please note that the provider you choose will need to be listed for the 2022-23 academic year, so make sure to confirm that the provider will be relisting with CSIET for the upcoming academic year. If you are not using SRS, you will be required to provide us with the name and contact information of your homestay provider as well as host family information.

Should you choose a provider that is not CSIET listed, there will be a $2,000 fee in order to cover our cost of having SRS supervise that homestay. This will include any direct pay relationships or situations where a student is living with a family member other than a parent. Please note that having SRS supervise a homestay will include but not be limited to a full criminal background check, home visits, survey completion, and paperwork completion (including release of school information and medical release forms).

The payment of $2,000 will be billed to the student’s Smart Tuition account around the middle of September once confirmation of homestays is made for the academic year.


Rutgers Preparatory School issues I-20s beginning in early May for students who have applied, been accepted, and enrolled with the required initial 10% deposit. Once enrolled, you will receive an email with a form to be filled out with the information that is required for the I-20 to be issued. Please fill this out and return it as soon as possible. In addition, you will need to send a copy of your passport and financial documentation. Please note that visa interviews at the embassy/consulate will be conducted in English.

A packet will be sent with your I-20 and other critical information. Please take the time to read everything in the packet. Please note that I-20s can only be mailed to the student or the student’s parent. I-20s cannot be mailed to agents or educational consultants.

Health and Immunization Requirements

Students at Rutgers Prep are required to have a physical each year. This physical must be completed in New Jersey. All new international students will be scheduled for a physical during New International Student Orientation and is covered by the school. Prior to August 1, 2022, please fill out and send the International Health History Form (included in the I-20 packet) to the RPS Health Office (email This form should be signed by a parent. If a student misses their scheduled physical during orientation, the parent or host parent is responsible for taking the student for a physical and covering the cost.

New Jersey state law requires students to meet minimum immunization standards. The immunizations required can be found by clicking on the International Health History form link above and seeing the second page. Students should come to Rutgers Prep with all vaccines having been administered. Proof of administration will be required. If all vaccines have not been given, some will be available the day of the physical. Students will need to pay for these with cash. If the vaccine that is missing is not available at the physical, the student’s parents or host parents are responsible for making sure the vaccine is received. Please note that the student health insurance does not cover immunizations.

New International Student Orientation

All new international students are expected to attend New International Student Orientation. It is an important part of a student making a good transition to studying in the United States and to Rutgers Prep. The schedules for orientation as well as the dates by which a student should arrive in the U.S. is included in the I-20 packet. The Orientation schedule is below. Please click on the link that is relevant for you. Please note that parents and host parents are welcome to attend some portions of the orientation.

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Orientation Schedule and Dates 9th Grade Orientation Schedule and Dates 10th and 11th Grade Orientation Schedule and Dates

Placement Testing

Placement testing is required before placement into some courses. You will receive more information regarding the timing of placement testing in the next couple of months. Please be sure to check the email address that you have provided RPS regularly as all information will be sent to that email address.