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Lacrosse - Varsity Girls

The Rutgers Prep Girls Lacrosse team competes at the Varsity level in the Skyland Conference.

Our team began in 1981. Our past successes include winning the Prep B... Since its inception, our lacrosse program strives to create a positive, welcoming environment for anyone who wants to learn the sport and/or compete at a high level. Our players are known to be hardworking, unselfish, and fun loving. We are constantly learning to become better versions of ourselves.

In addition to hard work and selflessness, we value passion and mental toughness. We should be the hardest workers on any field, and we realize that pushing ourselves physically is impossible without committing our minds to the same goal. Since there is a no-cut policy, lacrosse attracts a variety of athletes and intellectuals. Our record may not be stellar every season, but we will compete to the best of our abilities while embracing the ideals of sportsmanship including respect for every opponent. This team values its diversity, and we have fun together, as we push every member to contribute.

In addition to teaching the game, the coaches are committed to helping every girl learn the game, practice fundamentals, and understand the art of becoming an outstanding teammate. Being on a team teaches players how to improve their stick skills, leadership skills, and communication skills. Perhaps most importantly, student-athletes will have the opportunity to be part of a family away from home.