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Cross Country - Varsity Girls

Student-athletes are provided the opportunity to learn a life-long pursuit that will elevate their physical health and provide them with opportunities for competition, activity, and enjoyment. Every Cross Country runner begins at his or her level of achievement and our goal is to supervise a journey that maximizes their accomplishments.

Cross Country is both a team and an individual competition. As a team, we compete against a range of public and non-public schools on a variety of courses, including meets on nationally recognized courses. Our goal is to win every meet, and within each race each individual seeks to run a competitive race that optimizes his or her training.

We seek to balance the challenges of individual achievement with the opportunity of being part of an encouraging and supportive team. We run on a wide range of courses where each day offers a unique set of challenges in terms of workouts, weather and conditions. Ultimately, our runners experience challenges that must be met, so that during the season and after graduation our runners have the chance to test their limits.

After graduation from Rutgers Prep, our runners have been part of Cross Country Teams at Liberty University, Springfield College, West Point, Gettysburg, Salisbury and Franklin and Marshall. We have a graduate who is the head Cross Country coach at Springfield College in Massachusetts, and we have had countless runners who have participated in 5K, 10K, half marathons and marathons in recent years.

For the past four years we have had a runner qualify for the Meet of Champions and recently sent a runner to the Nike Northeast Regional Finals.

If you'd like more information about Rutgers Prep Cross Country, please Contact Philomena Loy at