Argonaut Campaign for Athletics

It’s time to enhance and expand our athletic facilities indoors and out, to match the caliber of our student athletes and support their dedication and competitive spirit.

Dellapietro Field

A new artificial surface for Dellapietro Field will provide a high performance platform for our student athletes, with shock absorbing materials, even footing, and easy maintenance.

A new pavilion will welcome visitors and provide storage for in-season teams. The addition of restrooms to our stadium will surely be appreciated by all. A walkway to the pavilion will be lined with tributes to the coaches and teams who have inspired teamwork, excellence and the belief that hard work brings true joy.

O'Connell Athletic Center

A Glass and steel atrium with entrances to both the lower and upper gyms will create a gathering place for spectators, convenient access to parking areas, and streamlined foot traffic flow throughout the O'Connell Athletic Center.

A modern upper lobby with glass doors and streaming sunlight will be the proper home to our Athletic Hall of Fame, and a welcoming entrance to the competitions hosted inside.

An annex to the Diggins Family Fitness Center will add flexibility for athletes from all sports to train appropriately. Open space will make room for team and wellness activities and updated equipment.

Project Details

Install state of the art artificial field turf surface, with Argonaut artwork

Construct pavilion with shelter, storage, and bathroom facilities adjacent to Dellapietro Field

Landscape paver path from street to pavilion, with tribute to coaches, players, fans, and teams

Expand and update lobby to the upper gym, with room for additional trophy cases

Add annex to the Diggins Family Fitness Center, with updated equipment and flexible space for training

Naming and Sponsorship Opportunities

Field House Pavilion ~ $200,000 (secured)

Athletic Center Atrium ~ $300,000 (secured)

Athletic Center Upper Lobby ~ $100,000 (secured)

Fitness Center Annex ~ $50,000 (secured)

Trophy Cases ~ $15,000 each
Available Locations:
Atrium Level 1 - Center
Atrium Level 1 - Front
Atrium Level 2 - Upper Lobby Left (secured)
Atrium Level 2 - Upper Lobby Right

Fitness Center Equipment:
Rig System with Accessories ~ $10,500 (secured)
6' x 60' Turf Track ~ $6,300 (secured)
Treadmill ~ $4,600
Half Rack with Olympic Bar ~ $3,750
Spin Bike (2) ~ $2,150 each (secured)
Dumbbell Rack ~ $1,000
Kettlebell Rack and Bells ~ $1,000
Sled ~ $550
Adjustable Bench (2) ~ $490 each (1 secured)

Argonaut Legacy Path

Purchase a personalized paver for the Argonaut Legacy Path, and be forever connected to the athletic community at Rutgers Prep. The Path and Pavilion area will be a gathering place and welcoming entrance to the Dellapietro Field.

Our paver campaign provides a unique opportunity to support the enhancement and additions to Rutgers Prep athletic facilities while dedicating an inscription:

  • Honor your favorite Argonaut athlete
  • Memorialize a loved one
  • Recognize a coach or team member
  • Pay tribute to a special athletic event
  • Celebrate a specific team
  • Share an inspirational quote

Large Paver Dedication ~ $5,000
Medium Paver Dedication ~ $2,500

Legacy Path Form